DIY Garden Office Plan - Part 3

After a busy and rainy week (following record heatwave) I’ve not made much progress on the office, but picked up activities again over the weekend. With more good weather ahead, building should be able to start this week. All the more important now that I’m officially out of the office in the city.

Build plans

I’m quickly learning that the order in which things are delivered is more important than I’d first thought. Quite obvious with hindsight, but it wasn’t in my first thoughts.

So now that I’ve saved about as much as I can on the less valuable materials, such as hardcore, gravel and concrete, it’s time to bring in the walls, floors and waterproofing. Very few savings seem possible with these, apart from the roll of outer membrane kindly offered.

  • 6x2 floor joists (6x5m + 2x6m - 42 linear metres)
  • 4x2 floor joists (45 linear metres)
  • 3x2 studwork (132 linear metres)

Total cost of timber is £317

  • Geotextile membrane - hard wearing protection for French Drains (10m x 4.5m, cut into 4 strips) - £45
  • Rockwool x 6 packs (£100)
  • 9mm OSB/3 x 41 (£369)
  • Weatherboard or Matchboard cladding x 72 (£90)
  • Plasterboard x 21 (£126)

Total for all = ~£1000

All prices + VAT @ 20%, split over 2 orders for site manageability. Cladding, plasterboard ordered last. I’ll try to get some reduction on the timber order, and to see if I can source any offcut plasterboard, but the savings at this point are minimal. Plasterboard and rockwool are my best bets for up to £200 savings.

Another saving could come in OSB - not sheathing the outer walls and floor with it, but I’m sure that’d lead to a weaker, windier building so isn’t worth any upfront savings.

Progress report

This weekend I managed to finish 17 of the 24 footings - all levelled and filled under with hardcore. Hoping to finish the last 7 today. A large order for my freelance work will get in the way of work, but with a 5-7 day lead time for the timber delivery, there’s a natural break anyway. I’ll have to keep the footings dry in the meantime!

To do list

  • Confirm if the £50 fibre-optic cable on Amazon will work with my switch, and source a second switch (not new) for the other end. Mostly for EMI/voltage difference protection. Also for fun.
  • Confirm if standard polyethelene sheeting will work as well as the foil vapour barrier costing 5x as much (but also offering insulation and EMI protection properties).
  • Talk to plumber-friend about running cold water up in drain trench, with a view to a simple outside tap that can be fed off in the future for internal sinks/toilet if need be.

Submit comments here. Sharing posts appreciated.

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