Actual Hayfever Cure - srsly

I’ll spare you the sob story. It’s probably not unlike your own, so I’ll be brief here: hayfever ruined part or all of approximately 30 of my summers on this planet.

Now it has all but stopped, for a number of years, and I think I’ve stumbled upon the cure. How?

Like a lot of other allergies…

A little exposure seems to go a long way. Studies on nut allergies have shown similar results, where small micro-dose exposure in youth can teach the body to deal with larger amounts later.

So where do we find large doses of pollen?

Well, we could go about scraping and collecting ourselves, if we had the time and plants to hand, or we could just let the bees do the work for us…

The answer lies in the inexpensive, natural product called: bee pollen. It’s just the pollen brought into the hive to feed the larvae. The good work of 1000s of bees.

It is widely available from health stores, and even Amazon, linked to below.

It comes in granules or capsules. I’ve only ever taken the latter, but I presume the former would work just as well. It’s typically used as a supplement, and is apparently recommended for athletes, but I can’t guarantee any improvement in athletic prowess.

What happens when you take it?

Well, not a lot. If, like me, you go a bit mad on the first dose and take several capsules at once, you’ll feel like your body has hayfever on the inside. A kind of warmth and, not itch, but unusual feeling takes over. Then on subsequent days nothing. No feeling at all. Then you know you’re getting somewhere.

You might start to notice your eyes and nose aren’t running or itching when you’re out. Even in high winds and when the pollen settles in the evening. This is typically after a week or so of taking the stuff, preferably before the summer, but even at the height of it (never too late for your body to learn!) you should try it.

I would recommend taking the recommended dose, or even less, if you’re unsure. Wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. Maybe even consult a doctor if nervous. But it’s pretty harmless stuff. Just a compressed pill of pollen, collected by nature’s best little helpers.

The ability of the body to learn to cope with an influx of pollen, and then from that point know how to deal with it entering the eyes and nose, still amazes me.

Do I have to take it all the time?

I don’t think so. At least I don’t. I do it for a few days in spring, or top up through the summer, but I’m not sure how necessary that is. Some people do, as you’ll see if you read the reviews, following the link below, but I don’t feel the need. And I had what you’ll call severe hayfever. I recomend this stuff to everyone with a sniffle nowadays, but it’s hard to get people to make the leap to taking it and trying it.

It’s so much better though than taking drowsy-inducing tablets and nose sprays and eye drops - you’re just teaching your body to cope with the little barbed spores that are pollen.

Why not local honey?

I’ve always been sceptical on this. I think the scientific method is essential to progress in all areas of human life. This is no exception. So folklore needs re-assessing in light of our modern knowledge and processes. Local honey doesn’t cut it.

Why would honey from your area stop you getting hayfever when you travel to the other end of the country, or another country? Isn’t pollen from the same species exactly the same, even if it grows 200 miles away?

Tackling the root cause, the body’s inability to neutralise pollen entering the system, is the only way forward. Fortunately, the bees and health companies have packaged a solution - and it’s cheaper and longer lasting than a week’s hayfever meds!

Finally, the bee pollen I’ve been using is collected in America, and works just as well for me in the UK. My body can finally handle pollen without turning into an itchy, watery mess.

Grab the cure!

Visit Amazon to support this site (a way of saying thanks for the tip!?) and grab whichever version of bee pollen appeals to you. [UK] [US]

Let me know your results!

Submit comments here. Sharing posts appreciated.

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