Hire me

You can hire site space and/or its developer

So you like what you see, huh? Want me to set you up something similar?

Luke, with 10 years in the translation industry as a technical translator from French and Swedish to English, can help you with:

  • Hugo sites (static - multilingual)
  • Drupal sites (dynamic - multilingual)
  • Nginx configurations (microcaching, SSL etc.)
  • Hosting and free SSL
  • Content creation and editing
  • SEO for Hugo and Drupal sites
  • Translation - most language pairs via wtw

Dynamic = database-backed, log-in facilities + CMS, more functionality Static = no database, write plain text files to convert to themed site, more secure


Available on request, examples:

  • SaaS platform (Drupal - has had 10k+ hits per day, front page of HN and Reddit)
  • Agency site (Hugo - SEO)
  • Personal site (Drupal - multilingual)
  • London based-business (Hugo - multilingual)

Space rental

With pages ranking well in a number of areas, you’re welcome to make enquiries about advertising possibilities. Very simple text ads are preferable, but banners will be considered. No javascript or similar allowed. As per the About page, this support will help to keep the site’s information freely available and sustainable.