This little site is run by Luke, aided and abetted by Rebecca and inspired in part by the toddler whirlwind that is George.

This is us


I’ve been trying to set up a personal blog that combines hobbies, business and homelife without having to write about those things all over my freelance site.

The plan is actually to make it sustainable to write for the site during work hours through the careful use of affiliate programmes and discreet ads. As such I’ll be SEOing the site somewhat and probably documenting the process as I go.

I will be reviewing and commenting on items from the tech hobby side of life, and Rebecca will be doing the same for homeware and craft resources. The assumed target audience at this point would be parents with the usual wider interests. If anything we do in our lives can be of use to readers, that’s what the site’s here to share.


I’ll no doubt write this up in more detail in the future, but for now:

  • hugo static site, rysnc to server
  • content written in vim, set up for distraction-free and autocompleted writing
  • small VPS, running nginx
  • SSL provided (for free) by letsencrypt

About us


  • Amateur Radio: UK Full OFCOM Licence - M0LSP
  • Karate: Wado-ryu, 1st Dan (small amounts of Capoeira, Shotokan, Kyokushin, Judo, Tang Soo Do)
  • Trading: forex, day and swing trades, since Jan 2017
  • Business: freelance for 15+ years, agency for 9 years, self-published book, recurring income from translations, SaaS for 5 years
  • Homemaker


  • Royal College of Art, knitwear
  • Knitwear designer
  • Homeware buyer (for well-known highstreet stores)
  • College lecturer, adult learners
  • Private craft course runner
  • Homemaker