First mechanical keyboard for a professional writer, translator

Review of a first mechanical keyboard experience for a heavy typist.

Benefits of karate

Hundreds of years old, arguably irrelevant in relation to its initial purpose, why does karate still appeal?

Building your own DIY garden office

From July 2017 I’ll be moving my business out of its office space and into a DIY garden office built at the end of our garden. Here’s the lowdown on why I’d do such a thing.

Getting started in Forex trading

Forex, or Foreign Exchange, is an international marketplace where currencies are exchanged against each other. Some say it’s the largest and most liquid market in the world. That makes it easy to get into, but not always so easy to get out of.

One guy's full garden office self-build guide

The full self-build DIY insulated garden office write-up for remote, nomad, home working, music or writing studio, home trading setup on a budget (doubling as garden room, home cinema)

DIY Garden Office Plan - Part 3

After a busy and rainy week (following record heatwave) I’ve not made much progress on the office, but picked up activities again over the weekend. With more good weather ahead, building should be able to start this week. All the more important now that I’m officially out of the office in the city.

DIY Garden Office Plan - Part 2

More progress than expected was made this weekend after some luck with Freecycle, Gumtree and Ebay.

Actual Hayfever Cure - srsly

I’ll spare you the sob story. It’s probably not unlike your own, so I’ll be brief here: hayfever ruined part or all of approximately 30 of my summers on this planet.

Now it has all but stopped, for a number of years, and I think I’ve stumbled upon the cure. How?

DIY Garden Office Plan - Part 1

After the hottest weekend of the year so far, at the very start of the project, it’s time to write up where we’re at.

Best balance bikes 2017

The bike. Filling parents with fear and pride in equal measure since two wheels were strapped to a broom handle.

Market Profile vs Volume Profile in Forex

Using a free EA (expert adviser) in MT4 and the pro account at (TV), I spent a few minutes comparing the results of market profile and volume profile (MP vs VP).